Delft Reflections


Delft’s 400-year-old City Hall is reflected in the window of a cheese shop in the city’s main square. Gouda, bicycles and incredible architecture — some of the best parts of the Netherlands all in one. Published in a recent edition of Momentum Mag, along with this great quote our editor found:

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things” – Henry Miller.

Delft, The Netherlands, 2014.

Amsterdam at Night


On my last night in Amsterdam, I stayed out and walked the streets to soak it all up before a morning flight back home. This spot was close to my hotel, and I couldn’t help but think it looked like an empty sound stage… with just the right amount of gritty.

Amsterdam, 2014.

City Square


I was recently in touch with Máximo Panés, founder of Dodho Magazine, to put together a few words and a collection of work from my high-contrast B&W urban series City Square. You may recall a few image posts from this series, of which ‘Dualities’ and ‘Push Upstairs’ have been previously exhibited at Photohaus Gallery in Vancouver. Seeing the quality of work and the company I’d be in on Dodho, I was happy to oblige!

“Dodho Magazine features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe.”

Have a look at the profile – City Square on Dodho Magazine

Image above – ‘Solitary Man (Vancouver, 2010)’ – from the full series City Square on my site.

Snowy Peak on the Siete Lagos in Northern Patagonia


Traveling the famed Camino de los Siete Lagos in Northern Patagonia, between San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura reveals peak after peak like the snow dusted mountain above. A brilliant loop of lakes, mountains, rivers and dense forest, with our trek starting out in San Carlos de Bariloche, the home base for our week on Lago Nahuel Huapi. Spending the Christmas of ’06 with new friends and amongst the Patagonian landscape, this is one part of the world I long to return to.

Siete Lagos, Neuquén Province, Argentina, 2006.

On the Beach in Tulum, Mexico


Mexico is one of my favourite places to visit, and my first time in that country was seven years ago this month. This past weekend, I dipped into my archives for some shots of Tulum for a photo call-out and I put together a small collection of images from these relaxing days for the blog. The blue-tinged shots are mostly dusk but the golden hues evolve as the sun comes up again over the Caribbean. We rose with this sun each day, welcoming the light into our breezy cabana before a sunrise swim. This was immediately followed by a few more hours napping by the surf before heading up to the patio for those amazing Mexican breakfasts. As easy an entry to the day as I’ve experienced.

Tulum, Mexico, 2008.

(Click the first image below to view large – recommended!)

The Pass in Black & White


Wrapping up my posts from the South Tyrol area of Italy, here’s a small selection of black and white work from high atop Grödner Joch. The contrast was so high up there at 2100m, the whites impossibly so, I had to dial it down a bit and work with some recent VSCO film packs in Lightroom. I shot everything in full colour with my Fuji X-E1 on this trip, but when I shoot film, it’s mostly a black and white affair. I was certainly longing for some analog action up here, a couple rolls of Kodak HIE Infrared film would have been perfect. Alas, I will just have to go back some time with some other cameras (and a few weeks to trek these fine mountains, too).

Grödner Joch, Südtirol, Italy, 2014.

Click the first image to view large – recommended!

Field of Dreams — Redux!


Nadin takes the opportunity for some cloud watching & day dreaming on the awakening alpine meadow. A perfect spot for a nap, at 2100m in the Italian Dolomites.

Earlier that day.

Grödner Joch, Italy, 2014.

The Hund and Cane


This friendly mountain dog appeared when we first stopped on the approach to Grödner Joch, right by where I took this shot. At first, his visage sent my friend scrambling to the other side of our car, but with some soft words he came over for a visit…and he was indeed a gentle giant with a thick, richly coloured coat and the weather-worn face of an old soul. Didn’t pay much mind to us travelers, this noble beast seemed to exist in his own world on this mountain plateau. Like a spirit animal, at the moment we were wondering which direction to explore, the calming nature of his visit gave us confidence we were on the right path. He was kind enough to pose for a couple photos before ambling away to vanish over a ridge.

If you are wondering about the title – although a perfect name for a pub – Hund and cane are the German and Italian words for dog, respectively. Appropriate in this territory of dual-linguistics.

Südtirol, Italy, 2014.

Grödner Joch


After following an instinct and sticking to the high road, we took the asphalt all the way up to Grödner Joch (also known as Paso Gardena) high above Wolkenstein in Gröden. It gets a little confusing around here in the South Tyrol — both Italian and German are recognized languages, with German being quite dominant in my perception. So, depending on where you are coming from the spoken word may change mid-sentence. It may be easier to just say it’s one of many high mountain passes in an area that is 100% alpine — lifts dot the landscape, a deep history of Alpen tradition informs the local vernacular, and the winter snow still holds strong here in May.

Yet the wildflowers were making their presence known, poking up from below the snow flattened grasses of these broad meadows. Once you adjust your eyes, you see them everywhere. Same with mountain huts and crosses atop peaks — it seems each mountain has a hike up to the top, and a variety of small wooden huts scattered along the slopes below. Signs indicate trails in every direction, some taking you deeper into these Dolomite Mountains for week-long walks in the embrace of the coral-esque rock features of these “Pale Mountains”.

It was impossibly beautiful and a brilliant juxtaposition to the day before near the base of this range. The sky was deep, dark blue, the sunlight piercing and the mountain glaciers and snowfields bounced the light right back up into that azure dome above. We spent as much time as we could simply soaking up the clean, thin air; the change toward warmer months was palatable. With rejuvenated minds it was onto our next destination. From an alpine high at 2100m, down through valleys into Austria and finally back into Bavaria a few short hours later, a great day for a road trip.

Südtirol, Italy, 2014.

Click the first image below to view large – recommended!

A Fantastical Palette for Pushing Pedals


A fantastical palette of stone, snow and sky greets a lone cyclist on the approach to Grödner Joch (Passo Gardena) in the Italian Dolomites.

Südtirol, Italy, 2014.