Red Lights


Peeking down a side street while cycling through De Wallen, the infamous Red-light District in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2014.

Over The Bridge


I’m back on the coast after a refreshing weekend in Canmore with my family. Our plans to hike into the high alpine of the Rockies and kayak some water in Banff was thwarted by a heavy early season snowfall, but that didn’t stop our ‘late summer’ get together. Instead we played disc golf at the Nordic Centre, had a nice walk along the Bow River and, as the temperatures came back to normal, took in some sun on south side of the Bow Valley. Always breathtaking up in these mountains — even though I see peaks daily here in Vancouver, the Rocky Mountains deliver the grand scope and distant vistas in such a magnificent way. Another place that feels like home.

Canmore, Alberta, 2014.

Field of Dreams

At the foot of the Dolomites near Kastelruth, S├╝dtirol, Italy, 2014.

City Bike City Life: Sean Rides A Vanmoof


After many weeks of shooting, and more in the way of planning, the Momentum Mag City Bike City Life Look Book 2014 is now out. Throughout August, I shot ten different looks for this project, featuring the best of city cycling bikes & accessories. The result, if I do say so, is a compelling collection of urban cycling images and ideas on how to incorporate cycling into your daily life in 66-pages. Have a look at the complete digital Look Book here. I’ll be posting from each of the looks here on the blog with some outtakes, etc. It was great working with all these fantastic people, too — none of them pro ‘models’ but friends and acquaintances that look oh-so-good in front of the camera and of course ride on a daily basis. Pictured here we have Sean riding a Vanmoof 3.7 bicycle while sporting a Brooks England Euston shoulder bag and Sahn helmet.

Vancouver, 2014.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2014, Part II



Here we are with the second and final post from the 2014 Vancouver Folk Music Festival (have a look at the first post). Pictured in this set are Ozomatli (rocking the crowd above), Wagons, Typhoon, Born Ruffians, Andrew Bird and Seun Kuti & Egypt 80. The latter is the subject of this photo I’m particular to, mid-dance move on the mainstage. An amazing set from this dynamic band, featuring many of the original Fela Kuti-era Afrobeat musicians — wow! I just wish the scheduling was more in line with what these bands offer. For instance, it was tough seeing this band come from Nigeria to play just a third of their usual set, as openers, in the daytime. They started a party no one else could keep up with — next time, headliners please! All in all, however, another great edition for the books and some fine musical discoveries to keep me going ’til 2015.

For the complete collection of images from this year’s festival, check out my flickr set here.

Jericho Beach, Vancouver, 2014.

(click on the first image to view large – recommended!)

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Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2014, Part I


Keeping with the ‘summer wrap-up’ theme, and my summer isn’t complete without taking a weekend off (relatively speaking) to enjoy the worldly sounds of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. I say ‘relatively’ because I am actually working most of the time I’m onsite. As part of the Festival Photography crew – this was my 12th year volunteering – I wander the grounds gathering marketing and promo materials for the Festival, shooting the artists giving it their all on stage and those candid moments along the way. The weather this year was threatening, but it didn’t quite come down to umbrellas and gum boots thankfully. Dramatic skies are always appreciated in my book, anyways! Here’s the first post and a small collection of images from this year’s fest.

Pictured here are: The Lemon Bucket Orchestra (complete with smoking fiddle action!), Ferron and the Matriarchs of the 13 Cedar Bark Robes of Wisdom, Riccardo Tesi and Banditaliana, Great Lake Swimmers, Leo ‘Bud’ Welch, and Andrew Bird & The Hands of Glory. Pt II to follow…

Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC, 2014.

(click the first image to view large – recommended!)

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Singing Creek at Cheakamus Lake

A quick little jaunt to the Singing Creek campsite, on the shores of Cheakamus Lake near Whistler, BC. It was one of those rare summer weekends without any plans, so with the weather looking good we took a trip up the Sea to Sky, looking for an easy hike in and a body of water to enjoy. Cheakamus Lake was the right choice — about 2 hours to the trailhead from our East Van home and another fairly flat 2 hours on the trail, about 7km to camp. I was trying out my new backpack — an Osprey Aether 70 to replace my Serratus I bought back in, oh, ’93 or so. A solid 20 years use with that old pack, it really took me places (or should I say took my gear places, I took it places — on my back!).

Singing Creek is the second campsite on this lake and the quieter of the two. We had a family of Loons visit us along with a family of Mergansers with mom showing the little ones how to dive and navigate the mouth of the creek flowing in. The old growth forest is quite apparent – quiet, dark and towering – compared to the second growth alternating in this forest. Once the sprinkles stopped falling, the sky cleared and a fine night was had. Up early the next morning, camp coffee and oats before the quick hike out and back home. All in all, about 30 hours – not quite a S24O – and the perfect ‘reset’ for the work week ahead.

Cheakamus Lake, BC, 2014.

(click the first image to view large — recommended!)

Northern Light on Nels Bight


As alluded to in my previous post, the last evening on the beach at Cape Scott was a magical one. Shortly after the hues of sunset disappeared into the Milky Way above, the Aurora Borealis appeared, at first faintly then gradually picking up some luminosity. None of us had seen the Northern Lights in some time, and for one, it was their first experience. Neighbours at a campsite down the beach crept over to ensure we were seeing the performance. The few people on the beach that night had a collective experience, one captured in our mind’s eye as icing on our summer wilderness adventures.

Before we knew it, the green tones were fading into the sky and our naked eye was again filled with billions of twinkling stars and an inky black sky. I was going to do some night exposures later in the evening, so I wasn’t quite set up yet but did a 210-second capture just as the Lights disappeared for us. My 14mm lens did it’s job gathering light from the dark sky, eventually revealing the Aurora that was still happening, just outside our visual range, perhaps enough to light the way for the wolves and bears prowling the Cape.

Nels Bight, Cape Scott, 2014.

Best Sunset Ever?


It’s definitely a very strong contender! At the end of our five days in the Cape Scott backcountry, our final treats were delivered this evening. A superb low-tide sunset with salmon jumping just off the beach, a bright, hot beachwood campfire and, as the Scotch was passed around the fire, the Northern Lights came out for a show. Incredible, we were blessed. Many more pics from this late summer adventure to come. For now, enjoy the sunset over the Pacific on the NW tip of Vancouver Island as much as Sandra did, jumping for joy at dusk.

Nels Bight, Cape Scott, British Columbia, 2014.

Riding Bikes: State Bicycle Co. Saturday Deluxe


This was shot as part of a larger piece looking at ordering bicycles online (Mail Order Bikes) for Momentum Mag. I checked out a State Bicycle Co. Saturday Deluxe city bike this past spring/summer, went through the online ordering process and built the bike up at our office. The article is now out in Momentum Mag’s summer issue (M66) and online for your reading pleasure right here. Here is my posted review of this bike and some pics to whet your appetite to check out State’s cool collection of city and fixed gear bikes.

Vancouver, 2014.