Life’s Too Short…

Two Wheel Gear Bike Commuter Backpack

Still from the Two Wheel Gear 2019 Kickstarter video production.

Last summer I started working with local cycling company Two Wheel Gear as their content manager. I create photo and video work to promote the brand and their dedication to cycling as transportation. Maybe you’ve noticed, but this is something I am very passionate about! I have dedicated a substantial amount of time and energy into showing folks just how fun, easy and convenient cycling in the city really is. Visuals are the best way to show this.

Two Wheel Gear was a brand I reviewed while at Momentum Mag. From their early years with the garment pannier bag (still a Classic!) to messenger-style shoulder bags, the company has put bike commuters at the forefront of their product line. In 2016, I shot lifestyle images for their curated line of gear. Now, an exciting opportunity for 2020 presented with new distribution at REI in the states, ongoing with MEC in Canada and a greatly expanded product line. It was time to get busy with the visuals once again.

To launch a brand new set of bags, we decided to pitch our fans with a Kickstarter campaign. We led with a video created to introduce our new product designer Greg Bass, and to show off our brand new products — the Modular Commute Backpack Kit. After an action-packed weekend in October filming around Vancouver, the files were off to our editor, Tom Malenica, who turned our storyboard and clips into the informative (and really cool!) video you see below.

It worked, the campaign was fully funded and the product is starting to ship. Since that time, we’ve spent hours in the studio on product shots, filmed demo videos showing off all the product features and did a couple more days of still images — riding around and shooting on the streets of Vancouver. I’ll share more of those lifestyle shots soon. Enjoy the video and see you in the bike lane! After all, life is too short to sit in traffic.

Vancouver, 2019.

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