Specimen 300

An abandoned umbrella along Hastings Street, Vancouver.

Three Hundred #umbrellalostalone

You were always there for me when I needed you most.
Now the need is gone, and so are you…

Here is it, specimen number three hundred in my ongoing series: Umbrella: Lost, Alone.

Spotted at night in the neighbourhood where many of my lost umbrella shots were taken. I waited a moment for the passing bus and boom, #300 was in the bag.

Where to go from here? 365 for a full year’s worth of abandoned brollies? Yes. Then onto the next milestone! People tell me they don’t see an abandoned umbrella without thinking of me, some even show me their own finds from the streets. I love it. I’ll continue to bag brollies as long as the rain comes down. Here in Vancouver, there’s endless opportunity.

Follow along on instagram with my project hashtag: #umbrellalostalone

See where it all began on flickr, the original (and ongoing) set with alternate takes.

Or scroll the complete set of 300, with more to come, on my website’s umbrella page.

Hastings & Abbott, Vancouver, December 18, 2019.

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