CovidRED Visions – Pt. II

Follow me from the reverie of Visions – Pt. I, where I’ve put together a complimentary set of the natural scenes captured at the same time. Back then cases were few in comparison to today and yet people generally hunkered down because nobody really knew what was going on. We were all in this together. Fast forward to one year later and maybe not so much. We might be in the worst of it right now but you couldn’t tell by thinking back to last year’s quiet homesteading, bread & puzzles.

Armed with my red-filtered, vintage Takumar lens and my modern Fuji digital, I explored Mount Pleasant throughout this code red. The natural world is a wonder no matter if it’s your local park or miles from civilization. As the cherry and plum blossoms burst forth and became leaves, new growth followed and soon every tree and shrub was singing a song of spring. It was so quiet in the city I imagined hearing the unfurling of leaves…and maybe I did. Did you? Rotating the aperture ring on the lens changed everything about the image, the red filter cutting out certain wavelengths of light and having a heyday as digital colours mingled therein. See the side by sides above, below. I had some fun with it. I hope you enjoy these images created in camera during quieter times and find a peace within them, too.

Vancouver, 2020.

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