Two Wheel Gear – Lifestyle Bicycle Photography

A man poses on a Vancouver street with Two Wheel Gear bicycle pannier.My work niche, developed over the last decade, is bicycle photography. Specifically, urban lifestyle photography showing cycling as a convenient, stylish and simple way to navigate our city streets. We always dress for the destination, whether on a pleasure ride, running errands or riding into work for the day. Working with Momentum Mag these last 10 years has given me an inside look at the growth of this mode of transportation and a goal to change the visual language of urban cycling in North America. Now that I am ‘freelancing’ once again, I’m able to work with different orgs and like-minded small businesses promoting this same view – cycling improves city living whether on or off the bike.

One company that caught my eye early on is Two Wheel Gear. Headed up by Reid Hemsing, this Vancouver company (founded in Calgary, just like me) has carved a niche all their own. They make the Garment Pannier, a beautiful piece of cycling luggage designed for the urban professional. One who rides to work, but has to be looking tip top in their position — ie. suit and tie guys and gals. 2WG has really cornered this market, their products are in use around the world. Their latest is the Pannier Backpack — easily the best representation of this hybrid style I’ve come across, a perfectly functional backpack becomes a pannier for your bike in seconds. Great company, excellent products and it was a pleasure working with Reid and his team on this photography project earlier this summer.

Full set of images is up on my flickr.

Vancouver, BC, 2016.

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