Mobi – Vancouver Bike Share Launch Photos

A woman looks out over Vancouver city with a Mobi bike share bicycle by her side.

It’s almost here! Vancouver’s public bike share system, Mobi, is set for launch very soon. The city is buzzing with excitement, it’s true! We’ve been waiting a long time for this and it looks to be a very well-considered system coming into place. I know the team behind Mobi is working extremely hard, literally day and night, to get this system of 1500 bikes ready to go this summer.

To coincide with the brand launch in June, I was commissioned by Mobi to shoot some of the first images of the new bike and announce the arrival of Mobi. Working with the lovely Frederique (whom I photographed a few years back for Momentum Mag), we took the as-yet-unveiled bike into Gastown and down to CRAB Park for some photography. Curious onlookers soon began asking questions, people are genuinely interested in how bike share will change Vancouver. I believe it’s going to propel us from being a bike-curious city — already with an impressive 7% cycling mode share (and up to 10% of commuters get to work by bike!) — to a truly bike-friendly city where anyone aged 8 to 88 can get around safely and conveniently on two wheels. Our downtown cycle tracks, greenways, and other cycling routes are well-used with more being added regularly. The more protected cycling options available, the more people get on a bike to navigate their city – this is proving true time and again in cities all over North America (and globally for that matter). It’s very exciting to be a small part of this cycling momentum as more people discover the joy of city cycling.

Below are a few of the images I shot for the initial Mobi launch. We’re working on some exciting photo projects to come this summer, so stay tuned and don’t forget to sign up as a ‘founding member’ of Mobi, before July 31, for discounted intro rates.

Vancouver, 2016.

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