Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012


Vancouver experienced it’s second ‘Mini’ Maker Faire this past weekend and, as last time, it was a feast for the senses with absolutely incredible, creative work coming out of the garages & studios of this land and into one heckuva crazy fair down at the PNE. You want robots? Done. 3D printers that can print themselves? No prob. Flying machines, Velocars, self-balancing powerboards and four-person bicycles? Mmmhmmm, yes. Interactive artwork from mind-bending LED installations to Kinect hacks and Instagram universes. Easy. Well, likely not that easy, but the genius on display at Maker Faire was second to none and made it seem that way.

Check out the list of Makers and have a look at the assortment of projects being worked on in the lower mainland alone. If you have an inkling to take stuff apart and put it back together – backwards and in an improved state – this is the place for you. The Maker Faire Mission: “To unite, inspire, inform and entertain a growing community of highly imaginative & resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements and garages”. Vancouver Island Mini Maker Faire is coming up, but the big one goes down in New York this September. Something like a science fair / show-and-tell / Burner gathering for big kids and those making their own mark in the DIY ethos that prevails.

Vancouver, 2012.

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