Left Behind: A Short Horror Film

Sometimes things are forgotten, left behind in the forest….sometimes they come back to life in unexpected ways.

A short horror film created while camping near Whistler, BC.

A little bit of background. Sandra and I are frequent campers and we always have cameras on hand to document our wilderness adventures. Over a morning coffee and campfire, we had an idea. We began to notice rope, twine, and cord of all manner hanging in the trees, abandoned since they were last used for tarps and shelter. The wind picked up and the rope seemed to take on a life of it’s own, twisting and swirling in the sky with our wood smoke. Our morning thought soon became an afternoon of shooting in the woods. It was great fun! We came back with some creepy footage, and while taking a digital filmmaking course I began editing, using this project as a way to learn the software and get our ideas into a film. And now, just in time for Halloween, I am pleased to share with you the resulting short film.

We hope you enjoy it! Please share with your friends and let us know what you think.

Credits below the break:

“Left Behind”

Starring: Sandra Allen
Featuring: The Abandoned Rope of the Cal-Cheak Rec Site
Camera + Editing + Sound Design: David Niddrie
Written + Conceived by D&S

Audio + Music
From archive.org
ted houghtaling – ‘through the woods to find the forest’
Frank Schulte – ‘leuscherath, small forest, wind in the trees’
From freesound.org
duckduckpony – ‘large, low boom’
justkiddink – ‘cinematic boom’
+ toiletrolltube, 6polnic, kinoton, dmoran87, cecileann, mmasonghi, iscence, werra

Thanks to Scott Hastings at VanArts – this is my first solo editing project and it began under his instruction. Shot with Canon 5DmkII and S95 cameras.

Of note: the rope was all sourced on site, found ‘in situ’ attached to trees, amongst the leaves, and shot with minimal prop wrangling.

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