Riding Bikes: The Rivendell Cheviot


Keeping up with my ongoing assignment/job perk of test riding and reviewing city bikes for Momentum Mag, I’ve tried lots of different bikes varying in style, quality and design. Late last August an incredibly enticing box arrived for us in Vancouver. Inside was an orange bike. Happens to be my favourite colour for a bike, I noted. But this was not just any orange bike, it was a Rivendell and their brand new ‘mixte’ model, at that. We brought it over to our friends at The Standard, and shortly thereafter the shiny new Cheviot was ready to ride.

Rivendell is a company I have long admired. I reviewed founder Grant Petersen’s book ‘Just Ride’ for Momentum a few years back and since we profiled him on our cover and learned about S24O and his philosophy some years before that, I have been following their work. Trouble was, I hadn’t been able to actually ride a Rivendell! There just aren’t too many here in Vancouver, at least from the ‘can I borrow’ perspective and stock was rare. I knew this was my chance, and I managed to get in on the first test rides. Soon after the bike was taking me to work and back, then out on the trails, then, well, pretty much everywhere. After three months (now going on 10), I had enough for my review and I was falling into bike love.

My first time on the Cheviot immediately felt different. In a really good way. Further riding affirmed my suspicions: the bike seemed to have everything in its place… The Cheviot’s purpose appears to be one of enhancement, comfort, and usefulness for your cycling life. It is evident that every part of this bike has been carefully chosen and expertly specified and that the entire bicycle has been lovingly built. If there is a legendary Rivendell fit, I understand the appeal now and completely get the reverence for their products. I highly recommend giving the Cheviot – and Rivendell – a spin if you have the chance.

In print, the review accompanied this feature on Rivendell, and I would also recommend a read through their Blug blog for more info. Lots of interesting stuff in there. Enjoy the pics below, and if you see me out on the bike paths around town give a ring and a wave! I’d even stop for a test ride of your own.

Vancouver, 2015.

Click the first image below to view large — recommended!

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