Walking The High Line Urban Park in New York City


The High Line in New York is one of the world’s finest urban parks. Aside from the rainforest that is Stanley Park in my backyard, it’s my favourite city park, no lie. But the High Line is gritty, industrial and very urban. It was born of an incredible story of local action, community support and urban reclamation. Last time I visited back in 2011, I strolled the Line at dusk as the city seemed to wake up for the evening. Artists mixed with the business set after work, tourists strolled alongside photographers, there was a ninja ready for action, all while hanging with this guy. This time round, I walked it alone from the middle to the top and all the way back down to the bottom on Gansevoort Street.

It was the start of May, the beginning of the blossoms and reawakening of the gardens and patches of forest that make up the Line. I was impressed with how much longer this urban park is now than in 2011 – some one and a half miles (2.3 km) in total, stretching towards the Hudson River where it will continue as more phases come online. Residential and business developments are building up alongside, underneath and towering above. One massive development, seen below, will actually be based at 30-feet off the ground, like the High Line itself. Total integration. And to think, not long ago this right of way was unused, covered in self-seeding trees and plants (much of the plant life is still natural) and a rusty old eyesore to many. Today, it’s almost impossible to think of Manhattan without it.

As a top NYC attraction, it is good time well spent walking or reclining on the High Line in New York.

New York City, 2015

Click the first image below to view large – recommended!

5 thoughts on “Walking The High Line Urban Park in New York City

  1. Hi Dave,

    I saw an article on this park in the National Geographic a couple years ago. Your pics are better.


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