A Weekend Up The Creek


A weekend on the Sunshine Coast, Roberts Creek in particular and specifically in and around Up the Creek Backpackers B&B. It seems we’re on the Coast every few months for visits with friends and some relaxing times – kinda love this place. We went up in November for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour – an excellent program of adventure shorts from around the world. It was as if the entire outdoor community was in attendance, packing in the local high school gymnasium for the evening (this film – The Burn – was one of the highlights for me). We took in some great Gumboot brunch, as always, and generally hiked and explored both days ’til the sun went down. Inside, then, for big group dinners and tastes of Sunshine Coast ales from Townsite and Persephone. Good stuff! Here are a few snaps from the weekend escape, a short ferry from our Vancouver home.

Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, BC, 2013.

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