Up The Creek on the Sunshine Coast

Martin Prestage runs Up The Creek Backpacker’s B&B in Roberts Creek on BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Sandra and I spent a weekend up there last month, when the weather was just starting to warm up and the flowers began their stretch to the sun. We cozied up in the Cherry Cabin, enjoyed a book by the fireplace and wandered down the road a few times to the beach and, of course, the Gumboot Garden Cafe.

Martin is a gracious host, opening the place up to strangers and welcoming them in as long-lost friends. The place is  filled with information about activities up and down the Coast and has a very green edge to it. He also runs a great program called LifeCycle – it’s all about teaching kids in schools about bicycling, why it’s great to ride to school, how to do it safely and have some fun getting there. On his property on the Coast, there are hints of his cycling enthusiasm everywhere.

It’s easy to jump on a ferry from Horseshoe Bay over to Langdale, then hop a bus and within 20 minutes find yourself at Up The Creek. If you didn’t bring your own, there are a pile of bikes available to roll around the bucolic back lanes of the community. Martin is a long-time adventurer and touring cyclist and can regale you with some great stories about his travels overseas. Up The Creek, therefore, is a very bicycle-friendly place and a great stop on a tour of the Coast or for a quick weekend getaway. I was personally very happy to see Martin is a big supporter of Momentum Magazine, too :)

Below are a few shots from around Up The Creek from February of this year.

Roberts Creek, 2012.

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