Riding Bikes: Handsome Devil Custom

I’ve been riding the Handsome Devil since January 2012 and it’s been a favourite of mine ever since. I recently alluded to an overhaul and I’m happy to share some of the details. The bike went through a serious customization; in collaboration with Josh at Kissing Crows Cyclery and lovingly redone at his shop over a weekend, the Handsome Devil was tweaked and set up specifically for me. The results were publishing in the latest Momentum Mag Bike Makeover piece (M59). Have a read online for the full listing of parts and accessories. I have to say, the bike is now my perfect ride!

We added a Praxis Works chain-ring and increased the gearing to 16-speeds for getting out of town. Rebuilt the wheels with Velocity rims and added a Sanyo front dynamo hub, powering both Phillips and Busch & Muller light systems and rolling on Soma New Express tires. Getting more upright with the Velo-Orange left bank handlebars, Shimano shifters mounted on Paul Component Thumbies and Dia-compe reverse brake levers. Carrying by bike is easy with the Toba rear rack and Hawthorne Porter Rack (made in Vancouver to boot!). Brooks Flyer Special saddle, leather grips, hammered fenders, brass universal sound bell…it’s a dream.

“The joy of cruising through town or country on a bicycle customized to my riding style cannot be overstated.” Truth.

Vancouver, 2012.

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