Makeover Tease: Handsome Devil

Two awesome things happening here…first, my Handsome Devil bicycle has undergone a Bike Makeover for MomentumMag. Really, it was more of a Bike Amaze-ification, as Josh from Kissing Crows Cyclery gave my bike a complete overhaul to match my riding style. What started as a damn fine bike off the rack, has now been tweaked and fine-tuned to become the perfect set of wheels for me. Without giving away too much, here are a few bits and pieces from the updated Devil. Once the latest issue of Momentum hits the newsstand, I will share more juicy details…

Secondly, these are my first shots with a new tool in the bag – a Fuji X-E1 with 35mm f1.4 lens. Ooooh baby, this is one fine set up! It is now my standard walk around camera, replacing the Canon S95, which replaced my Fuji F10, which supplemented my Konica Hexar 35mm. Really, the X-E1 is a direct replacement for my beloved Hexar, a camera I haven’t used nearly as much since pixels began to rule my work but one I still enjoy running the odd roll of Kodak HIE through, when I can find it (rare these days!).

Lots more to come from this camera and bike. In fact, there won’t be many days I will be without one or the other – most likely riding with the X-E1 on my shoulder…

Vancouver, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Makeover Tease: Handsome Devil

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! The front light is a Philips Saferide LED 60, dynamo-powered by that Sanyo front hub you see. It is very, very bright at 60lux and casts a great, wide floodlight. It’s a game changer, having dynamo lights always at the ready…I love it. Cheers, d.

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