Water From The Tap: Valparaíso Street Art

I have a fascination with street art, especially in places foreign to me. I find it so compelling, the expression on the street from political to whimsical, often with a wink and a uniquely creative way to tell a short story. In South America, I was astounded by the diversity on the streets of Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Cordobá, Mendoza and Valparaíso. There are a number of great art books on the subject – one of which I contributed images to – and perhaps one day I will create my own volume. Here’s a shot from Valparaíso, Chile – a place steeped in music, art and creative expression. Presently, I’ll post a larger collection of street art shots from Chile and Argentina so stay tuned!

Valparaíso, Chile, 2007.

2 thoughts on “Water From The Tap: Valparaíso Street Art

  1. haha, so clever in its simplicity! currently capturing the gorgeous street art in Lima. South America’s tagging is much wilder explosion of color and creativity compared to what i know of the u.s.

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