NYC Street Art, Part II

You’ve seen the first, now here’s a second batch of NYC Street Art photos from my time in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Creative expression on the streets of America’s largest city and I’m sure this barely scratches the surface.

Two things of note: In my last Street Art post, I mentioned the intriguing ‘drip paintings’ discovered on the Williamsburg Bridge and elsewhere in Brooklyn. I’d never seen anything like them before. Below, top right, is another example. It so happens my pal Tim was in a NYC gallery the other day and came across similar portraits done on paper. He inquired and discovered the work was by New York artist Paul Richard. Now, I can’t say for sure it’s the same guy, but click on ‘Works on Paper’ on his site and compare.

Secondly, the image you see bottom centre is of an art project installed on the Williamsburg Bridge. (This bridge is a hot spot for street art – evidenced by a dedicated flickr pool). I found a video called The Bridge Comes Alive by Baji Lives! documenting the creation of this artwork. I wasn’t sure if this was a ‘sanctioned public art project’ or a clandestinely installed bit of authentic street art. Turns out it’s the latter and I’d say the bridge is better for it.

New York City, November, 2011.

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