Atitlán Time Lapse

Here’s a short time lapse of the view from La Casa del Mundo, near El Jaibalito on Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala. The lake itself is phenomenal, and this hotel holds it’s own – luxurious bungalows cascade down a cliff face right to the lakeshore. The communal dinners are excellent, the sunbathing & swimming sublime and being accessible only by boat or on foot lends a certain seclusion to the place. A slice of paradise.

I set my camera in room #10 to shoot every three minutes from early afternoon into the night, for a total of eight hours. From left to right you’ll see Volcán Tolimán, Volcán Atitlán (just behind Tolimán) and Volcán San Pedro. The town of San Pedro la Laguna is the glow on the far right; Santiago Atitlán and area is in the middle.

4 thoughts on “Atitlán Time Lapse

  1. Wow! That is awesome and to think I actually remember you tell us you had the camera set up doing a time-lapse. I can show people and say “I was there, I saw that day!”

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