Casona Jover

Casa Particulares are the way to go for accommodations in Cuba. Not only do you get the genuine experience of interacting closely with the Cuban people, you may also find yourself staying in an off-the-hook gorgeous colonial mansion with all the trimmings (ie. what we call antiques, they call furniture). By far the best food we ate in the country came from the kitchens of Cuba’s casas (particularly this one, Denis is an amazing chef) – and it was plentiful. Once you get in with one, rest assured you will be taken care of – from finding rental bikes for the day, to booking bus tickets and your next town’s accommodations with a few quick phone calls. With a plethora of recommendations and friends in the network, we liked to say we were ‘hopping on the Casa train’ and our travels in Cuba were all the better for it. Truly the best way to experience this incredible country.

La Casona Jover (Denis y Martha), Santa Clara, Cuba, 2011.

2 thoughts on “Casona Jover

  1. I love this photo! Such a beautiful room, and with the elegant lighting it just makes you want to go sit in there with a cup of hot Cuban coffee! I agree, casas are definitely the way to go, I can’t imagine seeing the country and getting to know the people any better way. They open their homes to you and you are their royal guest until you leave – such wonderful people~

  2. Well said Dave and Sandra! Never have I experienced such warmth and generosity as in the casas of Cuba. And how can anyone say the food in Cuba isn’t good??

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