A Spring Day Along The Cheakamus

This was no day to leave the sunglasses behind. Sandra and I took a trip up the Sea to Sky last weekend to soak up some of this unusually hot sunshine. We found a nice spot along the Cheakamus River and did the day up right: hammock nap, head dunks in the river, campfire veggie dogs ‘n’ slaw, afternoon bocce through the forest, more dogs on the fire, an exciting visit from two actual dogs — Sprocket and Ned — who must live nearby and, as the sun began to descend, a stoked up fire and final forest feast. An easy day out, giving us enough of a break from the city.

I was also keen to work with my latest lens acquisition, an 85mm f1.9 Super-Takumar. Paired with my Fuji X system, I am totally loving the ‘vintage lenses in digital spaces’ vibe. Deep contrast, crazy-cool bokeh, and unusual colour captured with the lens coatings. I’ll probably do a proper ‘I Heart Takumar’ post sometime soon – yes I am totally re-enamoured by these beauties. These are the lenses I got my start with in photography, paired with the Asahi Pentax bodies I still use today. Needless to say, with the adapter, I was able to add five ‘new’ lenses to my Fuji arsenal. Still have to work out a few kinks with focus and fringing, so consider these shots all part of the big test (the fire shot is iPhone). Check out some previous Takumar pics from ‘Vancouver’s Best Autumn‘ and a catch-all set of ‘Takumar‘ shots on my flickr.

As per usual, click the first image to view them large.


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