A Sunday in the Woods: Alice Lake Provincial Park, BC


An early start on a Sunday morning when the sun is up, the air is still cool and the trails are empty will always pay a reward. In this case, the quiet of the wood. We drove up the Sea to Sky to Alice Lake Provincial Park near Squamish and enjoyed a relaxing stroll through the wilderness. The Canada geese are back from migration and I was able to capture a pair taking off from the misty lake amidst a flurry of sound and spray. In the gallery, you’ll see a tight crop of that shot. I worked with my Fuji X-E1 camera for this batch, and I was really impressed how much detail there was in the crop. After all, I shot this from across the lake with a 35mm f1.4 lens, not a tele! Another reason this camera is always by my side. Welcome to spring!

Sea to Sky, Four Lakes Trail, BC, 2016.

<click the first image to view larger — recommended!>

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