The Pass in Black & White


Wrapping up my posts from the South Tyrol area of Italy, here’s a small selection of black and white work from high atop Grödner Joch. The contrast was so high up there at 2100m, the whites impossibly so, I had to dial it down a bit and work with some recent VSCO film packs in Lightroom. I shot everything in full colour with my Fuji X-E1 on this trip, but when I shoot film, it’s mostly a black and white affair. I was certainly longing for some analog action up here, a couple rolls of Kodak HIE Infrared film would have been perfect. Alas, I will just have to go back some time with some other cameras (and a few weeks to trek these fine mountains, too).

Grödner Joch, Südtirol, Italy, 2014.

Click the first image to view large – recommended!

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