Disappearing Main Street Photo Exhibition Closing Weekend


There are still few more days left in the Disappearing Main Street photography exhibition! Once this show is down, we’re regrouping, checking inventory on remaining prints and moving forward with the next phase. Stay tuned for more by visiting the project blog or following us on twitter. Pictured here are two pieces from the show, both from the lower Kingsway / Main area, an area under rapid redevelopment here in Vancouver, BC. These images are professionally printed and framed in white, wooden gallery frames for a modern classic look.

Main Street / 6th – 7th Ave / East
‘Top Cars’, 2012.
18×24” digital archival print, $185.00

Main Street / 7th – 8th Ave / West
‘Fox’, 2012.
16×20” digital archival print, $140.00

Thanks again for your support on this project!


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