Singing Creek at Cheakamus Lake

A quick little jaunt to the Singing Creek campsite, on the shores of Cheakamus Lake near Whistler, BC. It was one of those rare summer weekends without any plans, so with the weather looking good we took a trip up the Sea to Sky, looking for an easy hike in and a body of water to enjoy. Cheakamus Lake was the right choice — about 2 hours to the trailhead from our East Van home and another fairly flat 2 hours on the trail, about 7km to camp. I was trying out my new backpack — an Osprey Aether 70 to replace my Serratus I bought back in, oh, ’93 or so. A solid 20 years use with that old pack, it really took me places (or should I say took my gear places, I took it places — on my back!).

Singing Creek is the second campsite on this lake and the quieter of the two. We had a family of Loons visit us along with a family of Mergansers with mom showing the little ones how to dive and navigate the mouth of the creek flowing in. The old growth forest is quite apparent – quiet, dark and towering – compared to the second growth alternating in this forest. Once the sprinkles stopped falling, the sky cleared and a fine night was had. Up early the next morning, camp coffee and oats before the quick hike out and back home. All in all, about 30 hours – not quite a S24O – and the perfect ‘reset’ for the work week ahead.

Cheakamus Lake, BC, 2014.

(click the first image to view large — recommended!)

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