A Visit to UBC Farm


I paid a visit to the UBC Farm on Vancouver’s Westside on a sunny morning for the opening of their summer farmer’s market. The fine farm folk took us on a tour of the grounds, a 24-hectare oasis of experimental farming, cross-faculty collaboration, traditional First Nations farm techniques, a garden for the Maya in Exile, beekeeping and much more. It’s all second growth forest in the area and surrounded by a 15,000-person community of new condos, it’s future was uncertain for some time as the land value is enormous. The farm was only recently given status as an important landscape for education and lessons in sustainability, so the future is bright. It was very interesting to hear how many of the other seemingly non-related faculties are now using the farm to enhance their studies as well. A peaceful, beautiful place to escape the city for a spell.

Vancouver, 2014.

(click the first image below to view large — recommended!)

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