Overnight in Längenfeld


After our journey to the Ötztal Valley, we stayed at Haus Birkenheim in Längenfeld. A short walk for food or thermal baths, this family run b&b was very comfortable and again, had that warm coziness I experienced all around this region. Furnishing are wood and cloth, soft earthy tones and calming decor. Until you walk upstairs and check out the taxidermy collection! I was also very interested in the Alpen man on the wall board — pegs stuck in with names, but of whom? A portrait of the family children greets you at the entrance. The common room – the stubbe – felt like a family den at a lake cabin – the smell of woodsmoke was in the air and the typical breakfast of cheese, breads, coffee and fruit was a delight. The view from our room was the one above, and waking up that morning to clear peaks and dancing shadows was the perfect start to another day in the Tyrol.

Längenfeld, Tyrol, Austria, 2014.

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