Bike Shop: Raiment Bicycle Life


Raiment is a bicycle fashion boutique here in Vancouver, BC. I shot a full page interior for some recent coverage in Momentum Mag, part of our ongoing series looking at great Bike Shops in North America. Raiment might be a little different than most ‘bike shops’ — they don’t sell bikes. However, they are at the cutting edge of the style / function crossroads and the city cycling lifestyle. Mainstream brands like Levi’s Commuter series bike pants nestle alongside the Rapha City Riding collection, Aether, Alchemy, Brooks, Mission, Henty & Fred Perry. Plus a whole lot more. The shop makes excellent use of it’s compact size – expertly curated clothing and accessories remind you bike clothing can look cool and be purpose sewn to increase your riding pleasure. And you wouldn’t even know it half the time. Another angle to the growing interest in civilized city cycling that’s helping to create more livable cities for us all.

Vancouver, 2014.

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