Maya // Arch of Kabah


Kabah (“mighty hand”) isn’t only about the Palace of Masks (although it’s hard to top the beauty of that spectacle). Across the highway is a very large structure – the Grand Arch of Kabah. One of what was once many across the region, these arches were mostly along the sacbé, the sacred white walkways between the ancient cities, or as entrances to ceremonial grounds. Remnants of the sacbé exist under the arch, and further down the trail. This sacbé continues to Uxmal, and represents one of the main transportation routes in the area. Of course, much is still buried under a thousand years of jungle growth. My brother Jon relaxes in the shade of the Grand Arch above, our only respite from the intense sun in this area. While under the arch, sound does strange things, muting your voice and playing tricks on your ears. Hard not to suspect this was somehow all part of the plan. While this arch isn’t as grand as the more restored arch of Labná it is still worth the short sidetrip as it stands alone in the woods.

If you missed the first posts in this continuing series, we’ve looked at Uxmal, Kabah and Labná so far, turning our gaze to one of the wonders of the world next – Chichén Itzá.

Kabah, Yucatán, México, 2008.


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