Parade of Lost Souls


Scenes from The Parade of Lost Souls — an awesome East Van tradition produced by Public Dreams and now in collaboration with the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. A time of celebration, reflection and honouring the dead, the Parade was a stationary, festival affair this year as they transition from the neighbourhood alley parades through East Vancouver into a new version of this venerable festival. Always a motley mix of spirits, musicians, performance artists, dancers and freaks — lots of freaks! The band pictured most often here reminded me of Sunburned Hand of the Man or similar earthy trance music, largely improvised and participatory for the costumed masses. I could have listened all night. An excellent time as usual – kudos to the organizers and community for coming together for this, some of the best Vancouver has to offer. Click the first image below to view larger.

Vancouver, 2013.

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