Portrait: Gasper


Gasper picks heirloom tomatoes in the fields of Keremeos, BC. This shot is from a trip to the Similkameen Valley earlier this summer, sleeping under the apricot trees and helping out at Parsons Farm Market in Canada’s ‘Fruit Stand Capital’. The heirlooms were just coming in this week, and I documented some of the dozens of varieties the farm was growing this year. Here’s one — a spiked tomato plant. Pretty cool, right?  I’ll have another collection of heirloom shots coming up soon. I took a few portraits of the seasonal pickers as well, as I do every year. You may also recognize Gasper from the #tintoport mobile shots I made at the same time: 1 and 2.

Keremeos, Similkameen, BC, 2013.

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