Bikestyle Portrait: John Fluevog


Vancouver fashion and footwear icon John Fluevog was a featured BikeStyle profile in the recent Momentum Mag. Our office is just a short couple blocks from the Fluevog HQ in Gastown, so I spent about 45 minutes one afternoon with the assistance of Lily Holman, making some portraits on a sunny afternoon. We shot within a one block vicinity of their Water Street address, lots of choice and texture in that area for backgrounds. John was a very calm and discerning subject, and was kind enough to pose with his amazing bicycle – inspired and modeled after the famous Danish Pedersen bicycle of 1894 design. Since shooting this portrait, I have seen one other Pedersen in Railtown bringing my total to two…a very rare breed indeed.

Here are a few pics from the shoot, including the one we published, above. A great man, stylish bicycle and those shoes!

Vancouver, 2013.

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