Bicycle Portrait: Wendi McDonald


I was fortunate to spend an afternoon chatting and taking portraits of the lovely and inspiring Wendi McDonald at her Gastown residence for a Momentum Mag Wellness piece. Wendi chose to alter her lifestyle and incorporate regular cycling activity to manage her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes many years ago, a lifestyle change that has had dramatic effect on her well-being. Coupled with healthy eating, Wendi forgoes drugs and insulin, instead managing her diabetes naturally and with positive results. She has used this strategy to help in her recent recovery of cancer as well! Amazing what the power of the bicycle can do – both mentally and physically nurturing in these times, Wendi has become so passionate about cycling she now mentors and inspires other women to ride, repairs bikes in her kitchen studio for delivery to Africa and participates in charity rides around the country. Read Karin Olafson’s great profile of Wendi McDonald in the recent issue of Momentum Mag – M62 out now.

Vancouver, 2013.

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