Sifónes in San Telmo


Spotted at the Feria de San Telmo – a weekly art and antiques fair in the San Telmo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. My backpack just wasn’t big enough for all the treasures I wanted to buy – gramophones in mint condition, silverware from eras long gone, books and art piling off tables and the beautiful glass work of the sifónes – seltzer bottles! They are everywhere. A delivery service exists in Buenos Aires bringing freshly loaded seltzer bottles to doorsteps, residential and business. Formerly in these gorgeous bottles – now mostly plastic – but still ongoing, they are a common site at any dinner table. It might be said there is a love affair swirling between Porteños and their agua gaseosa. Strong coffee, sumptuous red wine and seltzer –  a holy trinity of drink?

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, 2007.


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