Le Ride Béret-Baguette


The second annual Béret-Baguette bicycle ride – l’age d’or du vélo a la francaise – took place last Sunday as one of the lead ups to Velopalooza next month. A couple dozen well dressed riders of all ages met up at McSpadden Park before taking the easy way down Commercial Drive, through Strathcona and over to the port for a gentle ride to Stanley Park. We stopped a few times along the way, gathering a few strays and our merry crew of stripes and moustaches turning heads. Miles Davis and some period-appropriate French music soundtracked our ride, and we came to Ceperley Park near Second Beach for a picnic Champêtre under cloudy skies. Paté, cheese, fresh strawberries, red wine and of course baguettes from all over town were on offer. Strangers became friends, stories were told and laughs shared. All in all a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Click the first image below to view larger.

Vancouver, 2013.

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