Bike to Work


It’s the tail end of Bike to Work Week here in Metro Vancouver and Bike Month elsewhere in North America. Despite the drenching we’ve experienced in the city this week, I’m sure the results will be impressive, as they always are. More people are choosing to get moving by bike in our cities than ever before – taking our safe, convenient and inclusive protected lanes into downtown and around the region has opened up riding to a variety of people. According to a recent study by Translink – The Future on Two Wheels – cycling is now the fastest growing mode of transportation in the region. The number of bike-only trips is outpacing the growth of bus, car and pedestrian trips, rising by 26 per cent in 2011 alone.

The annual car vs bike vs bus challenge again shows just how frustrating the personal automobile can be in the city. As Bike Snob NYC once wrote (and I paraphrase a little): cars are suitable for the broad strokes – freeways, getting out of town, road trips – but bikes are best for the finesse, the detailed brush strokes you need when navigating the dense waters of a populated urban environment. Intraurban? Take your bike. Interurban? Add a mode and find the right fit.

With New York City radiating exuberance with the launch of their Citibike Bike Share program this week – 10,000 trips and 32,000 miles covered in just two days! – the Year of the Bike is on course to become much more. A smart, efficient and fun way to get around town with little stress, fresh air and exercise built right in. Simple, right?

Vancouver, 2013.

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