Vinyl Surprise


Here’s the first shot from a recent series combining two of my passions – music and photography. Vinyl Surprise consists of “portraits” from my record collection. With some of the vinyl I’ve purchased, I return home to open it up for the turntable only to discover the psychedelic marbled vinyl, the free-hand artistic etchings or the glow-in-the-dark wax I wasn’t expecting. Vinyl surprise!!

I’ve managed to gather quite a collection of new and old, from post punk to krautrock and everything in between. To think I likely started my collection way back with The Police’s Synchronicity – unbeknownst to me until this project, if you have the original pressing, hold it up to the light for a vinyl surprise!

Not only is the record above an excellent collection of tunes (an amalgamation of musicians from Califone, Holopaw, Black Heart Procession and led by Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock), it has one of the best etchings in my collection. Whatever you do, don’t play side four. Stay tuned for more from the Vinyl Surprise collection.

Ugly Casanova – Sharpen Your Teeth (Sub Pop, 2002). Side four etching.

Vancouver, 2012/2013.

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