Sunshine Savary

It feels like ages ago, but really it was only a month since I disconnected from the frantic pace of summer with friends up near Lund and Savary Island, BC. Funny, summer typically being a time of relaxation, carefree mornings of coffee and sunshine, lazy bike rides back from sunset on the beach. For me, August, and full on into late September, had been an incredibly busy time. To keep on top of my photo work, I neglected the blog and am just now catching up on edits and posts. I shot a lot this summer, much of it on assignment for editorial and commercial clients, and once these images are released, I’ll share here, too.

This set is from those six days where I was truly relaxed. Surrounded by friends, on one of the most gorgeous stretches of coast for my birthday, it was an idyllic time. I call this ‘Sunshine Savary’ – a title I’ve come back to each time I make my way up to this magical place. Everything just feels right up here. The ocean surprises with Orca, superpods of Dolphin, Seals and Sea Lions, predatory birds and abundant inter-tidal life. This time we camped right on the bluffs and a baby seal slept below our tent the first night. Can’t ask for better company.

As Vancouver enjoys one of the finest autumns in memory, those idyllic days still seem within reach and indeed they are, taking us into the next season. Hang on and look forward. Golden days are always on the horizon.

Northern Sunshine Coast, BC, 2012.

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