Mini Moments on BC’s North Coast

Here are a few ‘mini moments’ from a recent trip up the Sunshine Coast. We traveled from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay, across Howe Sound & up the southern coast from Langdale to Earl’s Cove. We then took the Island Sky to Saltery Bay, and continued north past Powell River to Lund – the start of the Pan-American Highway 101, which ends in Patagonia, Chile some 15,000km later. For a daytrip, we hopped a water taxi to Savary Island – one of my favourite places to be. An incredible end to the casual days of summer…more pics to come shortly. For now, enjoy a small taste of a day on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

North Coast / Savary Island, 2012.

2 thoughts on “Mini Moments on BC’s North Coast

  1. Hi David

    That is a very strange ‘blur’ effect in some of the photos. I assume that it must have been done via some sort of computer program as it doesn’t look like any optical blur that I have seen. Except perhaps for the old-school very carefully placed Vaseline on a filter approach, but I doubt that anyone does that now.

    There is something vaguely disturbing/distracting about the effect, for me at least.


    • Thx Ron….Yes, the blur effect is intentional and was done in camera. It’s an effect meant to emulate the tilt-shift lenses uses in architectural photography, among other things. Provides extremely shallow depth of field, creating a sort of miniaturized effect. Glad it provoked you! Cheers, david.

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