A Few Days in Cienfuegos, Cuba – Pt II

As mentioned in my first post about Cienfuegos, the people here are something else. This gentleman above is a great example. He had a few black birds singing away in a cage outside his door off Paseo del Prado. As I stopped to take a photo of the songbird, he came to the door and we ended up chatting for a good twenty minutes. His smile reflected the genuine warmth and interest in us three travelers – myself, my partner Sandra and my brother Jon. While I took his portrait, another fellow across the way called over to direct me to another potential photo – a dog rolling around on the sidewalk in the falling light. Both turned out great and we ended up talking to him for a while, too.

Strolling back to our casa, the shadows deepened, the music picked up and the heat of the day gave way to a clear, starry night. Our residence at Hostal Colonial had a glorious rooftop patio – perfect for watching the sun go down over this beautiful city and the equally stunning Bahia de Cienfuegos to the south. Here’s the second batch from my Cienfuegos ‘citybook’ collection….enjoy!

Cienfuegos, Cuba, 2011.

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