Scenes from Velo-city Global 2012

Velo-city Global 2012 brought together more than 1000 delegates from around the world for a four-day session of workshops, plenaries and discussion – all regarding the role of the bicycle in our city’s transportation systems. Almost everyone agreed the bicycle is a key component to healthy, liveable cities and access to ride one, especially for children, is a right. Delegates heard from transportation planners, engineers, politicians and project managers from every continent (minus Antarctica) at Vancouver’s Wall Centre this past June. The Public Bike System Company brought 1000 Bixi bikes to give everyone their preferred choice for inner-city travel, and a chance to try out Vancouver’s separated lanes. Big minds and optimistic thinkers inspired, surprised and engaged with each other in a universal sharing of ideas and best practices. It was truly an inspiring event and very exciting to feel the deep passion brought to the table as a global discussion.

Momentum Magazine was there for the duration with four of us attending, participating and reporting on our findings. Our editor, Duncan Hurd, interviewed 15 movers & shakers and I did a series of portraits to accompany. As we are putting together a feature for our Sept/Oct edition, I’m saving those portraits until the release date but I’ve collected a number of other scenes from Velo-city to share here. Captions included, so you know who’s who.

Vancouver, 2012.

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