Spirit, They’re Gone

On the topic of fine art prints, here is one from a series called Wilderness Impressions. It’s an ongoing project, exploring the dynamic of the backcountry as an ever-changing landscape. You can peruse the series-to-date right here. The image you see above is entitled “Spirit, They’re Gone” and is available as a signed archival print. I have been looking at finishing images from this series on 2mm aluminum for a frameless, modern look. A 20×26″ framed edition has been exhibited at Vancouver’s Photohaus Gallery in 2011. Let me know what you think!

Spirit, They’re Gone / British Columbia, 2009.
Edition options available.

2 thoughts on “Spirit, They’re Gone

  1. Reblogged this on Adine Storer and commented:
    This is a beautiful series by David Niddrie that shows the breadth of photography. It’s not just photons. The viewer surrenders their vision to the photographer and enters a new world.

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