Surrealism in a Mobile State

I have been having a great time creating ‘surrealist’ images on my walk around camera – the iPhone 3Gs. While terribly in need of an upgrade, I’ve found I can still produce quality images with the right lens and film combo. That happens to be one thing I really like about shooting with the iPhone. Apps like Hipstamatic allow me to think creatively before taking the shot, as I would with my SLR, and I have come to rely on a couple film/lens combinations that I’ve been building my recent collections around.

One recent inspiration is the Dalí lens, a tribute to the famed Surrealist himself. It is random enough to be surprising, but I’ve learned a few tricks, helping me to tame this wild beast. Mirroring, asymmetrical layering, colour-swapping and enlarging can all be controlled by recognizing what it is you are shooting, and how you wish the image to turn out. Placing bold shapes front and centre, I can manipulate the camera to reflect what I feel is the strongest element in the frame and work the lens to capture what I believe it is capable of. It’s a strange workflow, but the delight in creating unique works right in camera is very rewarding.

Salvador Dalí worked with a number of fantastic photographers in his time; now I feel a little collaboration with the masterful artist each time I make a successful shot. As with any art pushing versions of reality, there are hits and misses. The misses are examined and built upon. The hits get posted straight up to the wild world of the internet via Instagram.

If you are on Instagram, take a moment to look me up. I’d love to follow your work, too. Here is a collection of recent images from my new mobile phone series: Wilderness Impressions – Mobile Edition. I hope you enjoy this alternate look at the wild places surrounding me here in the SW corner of BC.

British Columbia, 2012.

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