Bike Festivals & Carrying By Bike

Finally the sun has returned to Vancouver! I was beginning to wonder when that was going to happen…

Just in time, too. Our annual cycling festival – Velopalooza – starts today and a quick look at the event guide shows a ride or meetup for just about everyone. First order of business is the Bike Rave this evening. I’m going to test out Bontrager’s new Funk Trunk and see how it holds up – seems purpose built for this kind of thing. Eight icy beverages in the cooler and a built-in sound system for your rear rack. Sounds like a party starter.

With the sunshine and impending high temperatures (one can dream), thoughts turn to picnics, lazy beach afternoons and getting out of town. Carrying stuff by bike is pretty easy and all you really need is a place to put your gear. Backpacks are fine, but why not let the bike do the carrying for you? I often use baskets and rear racks, though I did recently add a Cetma front rack to my Handsome Devil. Some, like my gal Sandra pictured here, enjoy the trailer for heavy hauling. This shot was taken while on a test ride last year and published in Momentum’s 2012 Goody Basket. The trailer is an aluminum build by Ox + Monkey, locally made in Roberts Creek on BC’s Sunshine Coast. And yes, that’s way more water than one would need for a day trip, but we had to check the weight capacity!

Vancouver, 2011.

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