Cycling to Playa la Boca, Trinidad

Cuba is great for pedaling around, an observation I’ve alluded to in a past post called Public Transportation. The roads are fairly flat in the western region of the country and relatively empty. I was told there are less cars on the roads today in Cuba than in pre-war England. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but the fact is when there are other vehicles on the road there is no hierarchy as to whom gets the right of way. Donkey, bus, bicycle, taxi, pedestrian – it seems there is little road rage and entitlement. If it takes a bit longer to get to your destination due to a horse and buggy ahead, well, that’s just more time to socialize with your friends along the way. I’d rather be on a bike anyways.

The shot above was taken at sunset riding from Playa La Boca back to the low-lying hills of Trinidad. Below are some shots from the ride and the ‘secret beach’ we discovered. Not really a secret as it was right next to Carretera a Ancón – the coastal route connecting Trinidad to La Boca and onwards to Playa Ancón – but it was such a slice of paradise we were happy to find nobody there. A perfect Christmas day on the beach. This was just a taste of cycling on the island – borrowing (old) bikes from our casa owners and their friends. Next time, I don’t doubt we’ll be packing our own bicycles to explore much more of this amazing place.

Trinidad, Cuba, 2011.

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