A Few Days in Seattle

A few weeks back I went for a road trip down to Seattle with Sandra, Jon and Mike. Our main reason for the sojourn was to attend the Radiohead show at Key Arena. Having been a fan since Pablo Honey, I’ve only missed one of their tours on the West Coast. This marked my sixth time seeing the band, and they really knocked my socks off once again with an extra drummer, groovy, complex rhythms and deeply emotional music. I could go on, but why not see for yourself with this live studio clip of Bloom: From The Basement. Yeah, they rock.

We went to the Emerald City a day early and unabashedly embraced the full-blown tourist routine. We filled Pike Brewing growler’s at the Pike Place Market, checked out the infamous Seattle Gum Wall (on the advice of our border guard, of all people), people-watched at the Post (including the colourful, surreal masses attending Sakura-Con – now that was interesting!), bowled in Capitol Hill at night, rode the Monorail to Seattle Center and sat under the Space Needle before checking out the exhibits and jam rooms at Experience Music Project (a must see). Of course, we hit a couple bottle shops on our way back north, loading up on Cascadian craft brews that cost twice as much here in Canada. It was a whirlwind couple days, but with great friends and awesome tunes, that’s my kind of road trip.

Seattle, Washington, 2012.

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