A Short Tour of Portland, Oregon by Bicycle

Riding up the bicycle corridor of Williams Street, heading north.

I had a great opportunity to check out Portland, Oregon a few weeks back when I went down with Mia Kohout & Molly Millar of Momentum Magazine to attend the Pedal Nation PDX Bicycle Expo. We went a day early and met up with Nick Sande, a friend of Mia’s and a new friend to me. He supplied us with Surly bikes & our first IPAs of the day and off we went into the warmth of the spring sunshine. After a short tour of the NE, we stopped at Joseph Ahearne’s studio and I took a Work Truck out for a spin. It was fantastic to ride and was even better when Joseph got on the front rack for a jaunt around the block. This bike is serious for carrying cargo and feels just as nimble with or without a heavy load.

Next up, we rode to Portland Design Works for a visit with Dan and a look at their space. On the rooftop for a beer, our timing was right to watch the ‘bicycle rush hour’ pour by on Williams Street below. It was an inspiring sight to see so many riders commuting to and from work. A stop at Hopworks Urban Brewery’s new BikeBar was a must, but we had a wait, so next door to Lompoc Brewing we went. Delicious ales on tap here. Back at HUB we were amazed at the local frame builders on display – almost 40 of them I reckon, above the bar showcasing Portland’s incredible, diverse handbuilt bicycle industry. Also impressed by the 11 organic beers on tap – that Secession Cascadian Black IPA is so good.

Later on we rode to the The Bye and Bye on Alberta Street for some further beer exploration. Met up with a number of other bike friends and had a really fun time. The expo the next day came mighty early, but we survived…as always. Here are some shots from an afternoon of riding around NE Portland, Oregon. Click on the first shot to view large.

Portland, 2012.

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