Teatro Luisa, Cienfuegos

Teatro Luisa

Cienfuegos is another in a long line of great Cuban cities. This bay-side city sits on the southern coast, just an hour west of Trinidad. They have an amazing malecón, a vibrant street scene as dusk hits, fabulous paladares and architecture unlike that in the rest of Cuba. Neo-classical, French-inspired buildings, promenades in the middle of streets and no shortage of Art Deco-influenced structures, especially in the arts, surround squares and line the main drag. Some call Cienfuegos La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South) but I like the famous Cuban singer Benny More’s simple tribute: “Cienfuegos is the city I like best”. I can’t say it was my top destination this time around, but I think a few more days back in this city and I might have to agree.

Cienfuegos, Cuba, 2011.

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