Riding Bikes: Bianchi Red Road Racer

I’m paring down the stable a little bit this spring and first to go is my Bianchi Road Bike. I was doing a quick photo shoot for purposes of selling, but figured I’d do a little tribute to this classic bicycle along the way.

Gear nerds: this 58cm steel-framed road bicycle is equipped with Shimano 600 down-tube shifters, adjusting the Shimano RX100 rear &  Suntour ARX front derailleurs. Shimano RSX levers make short work of stopping those Montreal Ambrosio Medaille D’Or wheels. Those same RSX levers can be set-up for shifting as well, should you be into that kind of thing. Vittoria Competion Olimpionico tubeless tires are made for speed. Did I mention the high-flange Shimano front hub? It’s lovely. That bar tape is pretty eye-catching as well.

I called this bike the Red Racer and while it’s never been my “go-to” bike, I do have some fond memories riding this around town. I’m happy for this bicycle to find a new home here in Vancouver. She’s not doing any good just hanging about in those dark stables after all.

Vancouver, 2012.

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