Bicycle Portrait: Gaining Momentum with Kati & Trevor

I am fortunate to work with my passions and extremely fortunate to combine two – bicycles and photography – with an incredible team at Momentum Magazine. Out of our office in Vancouver’s Chinatown we publish North America’s premier bicycle lifestyle magazine, and what has been a free publication is now launching on the newsstand for the first time this spring! After a lengthy production period and epic final push to deadline we’ve sent the issue to press this morning. It involved a ton of work on the editorial side and our design team at Switch Studio in Tempe, Arizona went above and beyond to present our best issue yet. Can’t wait to share with everyone when it’s out March 1!

As a small team, we have come to rely on the talent & generosity of our readers, contributors and interns. It’s a fantastic community I love being a part of. As Photo Editor, I work closely with our photo interns and we featured two standouts – Kati Jenson and Trevor Block – on our contributor’s page this issue. Keep an eye on these up and comers!

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