A Village Independent Democrat

My arrival in NYC coincided with the eviction of Occupy Wall Street supporters from Zuccotti Park on November 15, so checking out the original protest site wasn’t on the agenda after all. There were, however, signs of protest and dissent throughout Manhattan and it didn’t take long for groups to re-organize. I saw evidence on clothing, street art, community concerts and political posters on my walks throughout the city.

Walking through Greenwich Village I met a resident handing out ‘99%’ buttons. She is a member of the Village Independent Democrats, a club formed in 1957 to help shape a progressive agenda in city and village politics. She was out on a Sunday afternoon, chatting with neighbours and letting people know about the OWS movement. It was great speaking with a long-time resident who continues to fight for the future of her community. She was kind enough to pose for a portrait on West 12th St, near Greenwich Ave.

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