Feature Length

A word of warning. Not every post on this blog will be photography related – just 98% of them! Occasionally, I’ll refer to some of my other passions – bicycles, music, craft beer, the wilderness, etc – and this is one such occasion. Music is a major inspiration for me…you may notice many of my images are named after bits of lyrics or song titles. It’s a constant soundtrack that keeps me going.

For the past ten years I have sent out a year end Top Tunes list to share with friends and, reciprocally, to broaden my own musical tastes. This year I created a Feature Length mix of 29 tracks all woven together and I’m sharing it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and let me know what caught your ear in 2011!

For a limited time right-click to download the 2011 Feature Length Mix.

(Edit June 2012: Audio is no longer available for this mix)

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